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Have you ever heard about the Icelandic business woman in Red?
If not then it’s time for you to meet
Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

Meet my Business Mentor


Sigrun is passionate for teaching women how to grow a business with succes.


Sigrun has put together a brilliant setup, and her dedicated team is there to follow up.

What to expect

Sigrun, the Icelandic business woman in Red, is not only passionate about teaching women how to grow a successful business, but she also brings a unique perspective and expertise to the table all wrapped in humour, wit and care.

With her guidance, you can kickstart your 2024 and take your own big passions and interests into a unique business setup. Transitioning into a thriving business setup is no easy feat, but Sigrun and her dedicated team are there to show how it’s done at its best.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from someone who has walked the walk. Sign up for Sigrun’s 12 Days of Free Masterclasses and get a taste of her proven plan for future success. I guarantee you an entertaining experience and even sleepless nights from the inspirational teaching, as it happened to me.

By signing up for these Free trainings, from my link here on the Mermaids page, you’ll also get the opportunity to join a Special Mermaids’ Mastermind after January the 5th 2024 and I hope to see you too.

My desire is for this gift to satisfy your curiosity and leave you with an open mind, that even a passion for crocheting can bring you the life you dream of for you and your family!

All the best

Katrine Høyer
The Mermaids’ Coffee Club

The 12 Days of Free Masterclasses From December 25th to January the 5th!

If you haven't got a proven financial plan for your future yet,
I highly recommend you to sign up for Sigrun's 12 Days of Free Masterclasses

Since long I did have a vision for a setup I can work with, both creating an income but also connect all the dots that are in the range of my passion.

I've spent many hours and resources on courses and trainings for more than a decade - but still, I didn't get neither my material in place, nor the courage to take the next step.

My biggest struggle has been not knowing how to create interesting material that would be a match for the right audience, and also not getting genuine feedback from the right people.

Well, that all changed drastically during December 2023... Where I started listening to Sigrun's 12 Days of Free Masterclasses!


Ready to Kickstart your 2024?

Even if you are Not thinking of starting any Business, or maybe you already have one, or you are just planning for a quiet time during the Holiday Season, before ending your 2023!

I highly recommend you give it a try! Learning from a skilled woman who shares her knowledge, spiced with teachings, tips, and tricks is always interesting! And it's definitely entertaining, even more than 12 days on the couch watching Netflix!

Signing up for these Free Trainings from my link here on the Mermaids page, give you an extra BONUS! An invitation to join a very special "Mermaids' Mastermind Session" sometime after January 5th.

Together with other beautiful women, you can ask me and my guest any question about my own experience with Sigrun. Furthermore you will  learn about why "The Mermaids' Coffee Club" is a fascinating community to join in the future.

There you go, I hope to see you both during the 12 Days of Free Masterclasses, and for the "Special Mermaids' Mastermind Session".

Best wishes

Katrine Høyer
Host at The Mermaids Coffee Club